PROFESSOR: Heitor Luiz Murat De Meirelles Quintella, DSc (No momento não leciona na FEN)

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Outras Atividades - Descrição -

 Forensic Expert, Arbitrator, Mediator Forensic Expert acting in Brasil in the field of Corporate Crime (specializing in Cyber Corporate Crime, Intellectual Business Property Violations - Brand, Products -, Intercompany Billing Systems Crime, Business Property Appraisals - Equipment and Real Estate -, Labor Indemnification Calculus). The method of investigation  utilized is based on hypotheses based reasoning and Popperian Philosophy and is oriented towards conflict and problem solving. As Expert carries out services to the Courts in Rio de Janeiro and as Technical Assistant to some of my clients that have law suits. Certified in Forensic Science for General Business and Labor in Brasil Director and member of Rio de Janeiro Forensic Experts Association.Arbitrator and Lecturer in Arbitration Methods in Arbitration Tribunals using conflict management methods.

Organizational Philosophy and Psychology Practice in Organizations Consults in Ethical and Strategic Framework Planning Issues in Human Resource Planning using Rationalist, Pragmatist Methods. Does Transactional Coaching  helping executives and professionals in life stratigic self-planning and control.

Social and Human Development Activism

As Interfaith Minister Carried out studies and research in comparative religion. Such studies were covered Philosophy and Theology at Brasilia Archepiscopal Roman Catholic Seminar and acted as Reader and Eucharistic Minister. Studies also covered Theological Outlines in the Episcopalian Church of Brasilia, Shin Buddhist Studies at Brasilia Honpa Honganji Temple where was named Sensei Shaku Ensho, were followed by Theosophical studies at The Theosophical Society, were completed by studies at the Brasilia Synagogue and Brasilia Mosque and finalized with various studies of modern japanese religions in various parts of Brasil and of Positivism and Rationalism  in Rio de Janeiro.  Has lectured and worked sporadically since 1980 with various of these churches as Interfaith Minister towards the promotion of   Rational Interreligious Dialogue and Science - Religion Dialogue aiming  at fostering actions of Universal Ethical Development and Intercultural Joint Development.As Counsellor conducts seminars and talks and practiced in His supervisor\\\'s Clinic  and in private Practice with Coaching, Counselling and Therapeutic groups of executives and individuals for high performance and  conflict management using a hybrid  original Transactional-Strategic Method.   This same Counselling Method is utilized with my supervisees at graduate, masters and doctoral level to develop their potential and prepare them for market placement and personal progress. Leads a Coaching Program called Personal Strategic Planning that helps individuals to enhance their skills of  achievers and winners.

Hobbies and Sociocultural activities

Writer, poet, playwright and scriptwright, and  an effective  member of the Academy of Letters of Brasilia and of the International Academy of Letters of England and correspondent member of Academies of Philosophy, Science and Letters Petropolitana and Pirenopolina. In such activities uses the  nom de plumeHeitor Luiz Murat or Luiz Murat. As lyricist won a number of prizes and has some ten records in popular brasilian music sold in the market. Has published 18 books, more than 150 papers, has authored 3 executive videos and 10 multimedia products in the fields of physics, mathematical computing, operational research, management, production engineering, organizational psychology, culture management , business ethics and fiction (children stories, theater plays, film scripts and sound tracks, lyrics, poetry and short stories).  In more than 300 international congresses, consulting projects and seminars  has visited 35 countries and 20 brasilian states, 12 US States and more than 1000 cities and towns. He is  practitioner in Imaging, composing pictures with Photos, Film, hand - drawing and Computer Arts in general. He is the author of the manifesto Arte Informatizada – 1985 that has influenced many artists in Latin America. He is also a  miniature train amateur collector and in the younger days had practiced sports such as JUDO, football, tennis and golf. Has also practiced and taught martial arts pre - combat meditation.



Personal Traits according to previous employers and working partners: 

* Strong ability to build a professional relationship and earn the trust of those to be served
* A clear understanding of marketing and its impacts on business
* A good attention to detail and high standards of finished work
* Excellent oral communications skills for public presentations, small work groups and one-on-one
* Good ability and appreciation to travel
* Excellent written communication skills* Excellent ability to deal with Media and the Press * Strong ability to interface with senior level executives in both professional and social situations
* An elevated entrepreneur spirit
* Strong computer skills* Extremely able to handle confidential information appropriately
* Ability to work independently, as a leader, and as a member of a team and manage projects
* Extremely able to develop and use a formal project management methodology* Highly comfortable with measuring the results of work, learning from measurement analysis and seeking continuous improvement
* A person of unquestioned integrity and moral character


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